Ensure your dog the right stimulation and activation

Here you will find different types of activation toys that can help your dog learn and be challenged, which ensures a good mental activation of your dog. Activation toys make demands on your dog's ability to learn and this motivates your dog and increases his persistence in the face of different activation options. Activity toys are also a MUST for your dog, as they reduce stress and destructive behaviour! Here at Petshopdanmark you will find both Lickimats, food balls, snack cubes, strategy games, sniffing mats, snack poppers and much more.

26% Off
29,00 DKK
39,00 DKK
You save: 10,00 DKK
Model: CD203004
Model: TX34954
43% Off
39,00 DKK
69,00 DKK
You save: 30,00 DKK
Model: WSHOP-5890
Model: 14460
Model: 634.6886
Model: 634.6244
Model: 635.1722
Model: TX34955
Model: 333337
Model: 633.5000
Model: CD204007
Model: 634.6252
Model: TX34941
23% Off
50,00 DKK
65,00 DKK
You save: 15,00 DKK
Model: TX34958
Model: WSHOP-5634
Model: WSHOP-5635
Model: WSHOP-5636
Model: WSHOP-5637
Model: WSHOP-5638
Model: WSHOP-5639
Model: WSHOP-5640
Model: WSHOP-5641
Model: WSHOP-5642
Model: CD204002
25% Off
59,00 DKK
79,00 DKK
You save: 20,00 DKK
Model: TX32023
Model: 634.6150
  • Pink
  • Blue
25% Off
Lola's Savings package
59,00 DKK
79,00 DKK
You save: 20,00 DKK
Model: WSHOP-6182
  • Pink
  • Blue
Model: 633.5002
13% Off
60,00 DKK
69,00 DKK
You save: 9,00 DKK
Model: TX34931
Model: 634.6152
  • Pink
Model: 634.7040
Model: WSHOP-5645
Model: WSHOP-5646
Model: WSHOP-5647
22% Off
69,00 DKK
89,00 DKK
You save: 20,00 DKK
Model: TX32011
Model: TX34950
Model: 634.6052
Model: TX34956
Model: 634.6144
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