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Used for acute disturbances in the dog's intestinal balance
Actively restores a healthy intestinal flora
Supports the dog's immune system

STATERA Instant Diastop is a tasty paste, developed to help dogs with acute disturbances in the stomach and intestinal function and contributes to a rapid improvement in the consistency of the faeces.

The paste has a high content of the probiotic Calsporin®, which consists of live spores from bacillus subtillis. The spores stimulate the beneficial endogenous microbiota and effectively restore the dog's natural digestive function and absorption of nutrients.

The content of agrimoss (Saccharomyces cerevisiea), adds a high content of mannan-oligo-saccharides and beta-glucans, which contribute to blocking unwanted bacteria in the digestive system, as well as supporting the dog's immune system.

In the case of digestive disorders, where loose stools occur in the dog, there is a risk of an unstable fluid balance and risk of dehydration. Adding electrolytes in Instant DiaStop contributes to the important maintenance of the dog's fluid balance.

Glycerin, Agrimos (manno-oligosaccharide and β-glucans), dextrose, sodium chloride, potassium chloride

analytical constituents
Crude protein 2.5%, Crude fiber 0.3%, Crude ash 5.87%, Liquid 34.73%

Statera Dogcare Instant Diastop

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