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The perfect combination of an elegant leather look with the highest quality. The world's first vegan dog harness made of apple leather!

Highly innovative hybrid vegetable leather made from by-products of apple juice production. Super soft (is softer than regular animal leather) and extra light for maximum comfort and freedom of movement.

Environmentally friendly thanks to advanced second-level upcycling and maximum avoidance of non-renewable materials. Significantly improved ergonomics and optimized fit thanks to the new 3D Comfort Fit pattern and size scale.

Perfect voltage distribution. Adjustable with velcro straps that fit the shape of the body, with lined buckle and therefore no pressure points.

Facts about the Curli Vegan Apple Leather Step-In Harness:

  • High strength, ultra light aluminum version of the Curli Clasp in high strength and ultra light weight.
  • Zig-zag stitching for flexible tension distribution.
  • DogFinder ID to find your dog if it gets lost.
  • High resistance to wear.
  • Can be washed.

Curli Vegan Apple Leather Dog Harness - Brown

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Model: WSHOP-6734
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