What are Lola's Favorites?

Lola's Favorites is our series of healthy and natural dog snacks and pate in the absolute best quality.

Lola's Favorites consists exclusively of European goods and we use no preservatives, chemical additives or other additives.

You get the best and cleanest products!

The emphasis is not on making the goods cheap, but on producing and offering the best quality.

Quality and price often go hand in hand, here too!

The treats are from free-ranging European animals, which ensure the best quality and taste.

We believe that dogs can taste the difference between animals from stables, fed on pelleted food, rather than animals that go outside and eat all the good things in the form of grass, herbs, weeds, bushes and leaves. In short, happy free animals...

Durability is approx. 2 years and all goods are produced immediately before we receive the goods in our warehouse.

Then you are always sure to get fresh products.

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