Yaker's chewing bones are made from milk from the yak ox, which lives in the Himalayas. The milk contains lots of calcium and protein. It is a chewing bone that lasts a long time and at the same time has a teeth cleaning effect and helps against tartar and plaque.

If you want to make this dog snack a little softer, you can let it soak in hot water for 2-3 minutes and let it cool for a few minutes before giving it to the dog. You can also put a small piece - the end pieces are suitable when the dog is about to finish the chewing bone - in the microwave and give it about 2 minutes on the highest setting. This causes it to puff up and lose its hardness, and when it has cooled down - again after 2-3 minutes - you can give the dog an extra crunchy snack.

KW Yaker's chewing bones are an ancient invention, originally eaten by humans in the Himalayas, and to this day both humans and dogs enjoy this delicious snack.

KW Yakers are made by mixing milk from the Yakosen with cow's milk, which is then smoke-dried for 28 days to achieve the right hardness. KW Yakers is gluten-free and preservative-free, making it the ideal treat when the dog needs to be pampered. We find that the dogs are really happy with KW Yakers.

Yaker's chewing bone Large

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Model: WSHOP-5662
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