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Having a safety light is an absolute necessity when you are out with your dog and walking in the dark. The safety light ensures that you are visible in the dark to others, which reduces the risk of an accident. This safety light from Active Canis ensures that you and your dog are clearly visible from a distance. The ultra high brightness LED lights make you visible up to 3 kilometers away in the dark.

  • High visibility
    • Visible up to 3 km.
  • Three light modes
    • Constant light effect
    • Slow flashing effect
    • Fast flashing effect
  • Rechargeable
    • The lithium battery can be easily recharged with the included cable.
  • Long battery life
    • 13 hours with constant light.
    • 16 hours with slow flashing effect.
    • 18 hours with fast flashing effect.
  • Waterproof
    • 100% water resistant with up to 100m depth.
  • User friendly
    • Easy to activate by simply clicking the button.
    • With its flexible design, the safety light is easy to attach to the dog's/cat's collar or harness.

Active Canis Safety Light - White

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Model: 48090
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