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Join us for our Liveshopping event Monday 6 at 19.00

You can just click on the picture below ⬇️


In our closed Facebook group you can follow our upcoming LIVE events. At the same time, we in the group will regularly publish exclusive offers and competitions????

You can become a free member here: ⬇️

What is Liveshopping❓❓❓

Liveshopping is an event (an event) on Facebook where we present some selected products for dogs.

The products are often at a very special and sometimes a little too low live shopping price!

There are always competitions where you can win products and gift cards for the shop. Above all, it's just a nice and fun 90 minutes we have together with our followers.

How to participate:

You participate by pressing "participant" on the individual event. Above you can find the next event and press "participant".

How to buy during LIVE:

Write yes, thank you, followed by the order letter (e.g. yes, thank you a). If you want more of the same items, write the number (e.g. yes, thank you, a 2). We will then send you a confirmation via Messenger. When you receive a message, the item has been added to your basket and reserved for you.

I hope you will join us for a pleasant evening together with us: Sabrina, Dennis & Lola the dog.

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