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Fish food in flakes with natural color activator, which gives more intense colors.
Specially selected raw materials (hormone-free) ensure a good and natural development of the colors of your fish.
Tetrarubin contains all the necessary nutrients, vitamins and trace elements, stabilized vitamin C, which increases resistance to disease and promotes healthy growth.
Fish, fish products, grains, yeast, molluscs, shellfish, vegetable protein extract, oil, fats,
algae, sugar, minerals.
Crude protein 47%. Crude fat 10%. Wood material 2.0%. Liquid 6.0%.
Additives. Vitamins, provitamins, chemically well-defined substances with similar effect.
Vitamin A 49880 IU/kg, vitamin D3 2780 IU/kg. compounds of trace elements.
E5 manganese 84mg/kg, E6 zinc mg/kg, E1 iron mg/kg E3 Cobalt 0.6 mg/kg.
Dyes, antioxidants.

Tetrarubin 250 ml

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