When you have to take the dog with you on the move

Here you will find a lot of different transport options that cover both cages, carrier bags, bicycle baskets, dog car seats and car baskets. So whether you are going by car, bicycle or on foot, Petshopdanmark has the right transport solution for you and your dog.
You can also find other necessities here in relation to transport, such as drinking bottles, harness holders, and Aptus Relax if you have a dog that is restless or uneasy during transport.

Model: TX23411
Model: CD302003
Model: WSHOP-6066
20% Off
39,20 DKK
49,00 DKK
You save: 9,80 DKK
Model: WSHOP-5904
Model: TX17625
  • X-small til small: 23 cm
  • Small: 31 cm
  • Small til Medium: 40 cm
17% Off
49,00 DKK
59,00 DKK
You save: 10,00 DKK
Model: WSHOP-5271
Model: WSHOP-3968
14% Off
59,00 DKK
69,00 DKK
You save: 10,00 DKK
Model: WSHOP-6065
Model: 638.2002
Model: TX25017
Model: WSHOP-6738
18% Off
99,00 DKK
120,00 DKK
You save: 21,00 DKK
Model: WSHOP-5880
26% Off
125,00 DKK
169,00 DKK
You save: 44,00 DKK
Model: WSHOP-6742
13% Off
129,00 DKK
149,00 DKK
You save: 20,00 DKK
Model: WSHOP-5999
12% Off
Model: WSHOP-2920
12% Off
Model: WSHOP-4918
20% Off
159,00 DKK
199,00 DKK
You save: 40,00 DKK
Model: WSHOP-4515
Model: TX23417
185,00 DKK
Model: WSHOP-4613
9% Off
Model: WSHOP-4920
9% Off
Model: WSHOP-4919
Model: 401659831497
Model: 638.2000
20% Off
239,00 DKK
299,00 DKK
You save: 60,00 DKK
Model: WSHOP-3049
Vores valg!
Model: WSHOP-5127
Model: WSHOP-568
Model: WSHOP-4614
Model: WSHOP-1313
Model: CD301005L
Vores valg!
Model: WSHOP-5128
14% Off
299,00 DKK
349,00 DKK
You save: 50,00 DKK
Model: WSHOP-3051
Model: WSHOP-567
Model: CD301004L
12% Off
334,95 DKK
379,95 DKK
You save: 45,00 DKK
Model: WSHOP-4248
348,00 DKK
Model: TX36211
348,00 DKK
Model: TX36249
349,00 DKK
Model: TX36251
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