Fear not, here you will find the perfect tick and flea control for you!

Here at Petshopdanmark, you can find various tick removers both for preventing ticks, but also for if the worst happens and a tick has taken hold. We have a preventive tick guard that you apply to your dog's collar, and which emits ultrasonic signals that repel both ticks and ticks. Or try B&B's organic tick and tick remover spray, which is a preventive spray you can use before you go on a trip. We also have Bayventic Vet, Capstar and Frontline products that protect against fleas, mosquitoes, ticks, ticks and larvae. Should a tick or tick settle, we also have various tick removers that will help you get this removed easily and without any problems.


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Model: WSHOP-173
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Model: 908211
Model: 300747
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Model: WSHOP-197
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Model: WSHOP-63
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Flea products are not sold to persons under the age of 15.

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