The plants we sell on the webshop are almost all of the "NEM" type

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299,00 DKK
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Model: WSHOP-3989
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Model: WSHOP-3134
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Model: WSHOP-3135
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Model: WSHOP-4028
Model: WSHOP-2491
Model: WSHOP-2494
Model: WSHOP-2495
Model: WSHOP-2498
Model: WSHOP-3136
Model: WSHOP-3137
Model: WSHOP-3138
Model: WSHOP-3139
Model: WSHOP-3142
Model: WSHOP-3143
Model: WSHOP-3152
Model: WSHOP-3153
Model: WSHOP-3158
Model: WSHOP-4027
Model: WSHOP-4331
Model: WSHOP-4332
Model: WSHOP-4333
Model: WSHOP-4334
Model: WSHOP-4336
Model: WSHOP-4337
Model: WSHOP-4339
Model: WSHOP-4341
Model: WSHOP-4343
Model: WSHOP-4344
Model: WSHOP-4345
Model: WSHOP-4347
Model: WSHOP-4348
Model: WSHOP-4462
175,00 DKK
Model: 133.0088
Model: 4014162613684
149,00 DKK
Model: WSHOP-5264
Model: 101TC