Now you can activate your puppy with this Junior Lick plate from Trixie. The lick plate is round and has a labyrinth-like appearance. Here you can put treats in or spread wet food on which your puppy can lick off. It is a super good product to activate and stimulate the puppy and if it has a tendency to eat too quickly and swallows the food - then you can use the lick plate as a kind of food bowl. The challenge for the puppy lies in the fact that it has to work to get the food. This also means that the puppy is busy for some time before the plate is licked completely clean.

For the slightly warmer days, you can advantageously fill the Junior Lick Plate with wet food and then freeze it - so the puppy gets a delicious and cold refreshment.


Junior Lick Plate Medium/Large

50,00 DKK
65,00 DKK
You save: 15,00 DKK
Model: TX34958
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