Real Chicken 2kg loosely frozen
Whole, coarsely chopped Danish chickens with giblets

BARF is raw feeding, which means that you feed your dog as if it were alive in the wild. Purely anatomically and physiologically, the dog is built like the wolf, which means they are made to eat the whole animal - meat, bones, entrails, cartilage, tripe/gizzard and muzzle meat. BARF contains no "fillers" like dry food.
Real dog food BARF is healthy, nutritious and the most natural thing you can give your dog. There are lots of varieties that can ensure your dog a varied diet. RigtigHundemad BARF has a strong focus on animal welfare and therefore only uses meat approved for human nutrition. Great emphasis is placed on quality.

BARF Real Dog Food feeding instructions

Puppies from 8 weeks to 6 months must have the equivalent of 10% of its body weight daily divided into 3 meals.
Young dogs from 6 months to 12 months (giant breeds 18 months) must have the equivalent of 5% of its body weight daily divided into 2 meals.
Adult dogs should have the equivalent of 2% of their body weight once a day.

Remember this is only indicative and it is important that you look at your dog and assess whether it should have more or less.

Real Chicken 2kg loose frozen

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