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The Lumax fixture is produced in such a way that it makes it easy to place the LED fixture under the aquarium lid. If you have an aquarium that needs a lot of light, luckily there is also room for several fittings next to each other.

Luminaires from the LUMAX series can be customized with four different LED color combinations, so you can easily find a combination that suits you. The LED tubes can be purchased in PLANT, white, white/blue and pure blue. The lengths are adapted to MOVE and FUSION.

All Lumax fixtures are completely waterproof, as all diodes and electrical connections are protected by a layer of ultra-clear silicone.

This Lumax fixture has a very high light output of approx. 120 lumens/W and is among the most energy-efficient aquarium lighting on the market.

The PLANT luminaire has diodes in different colours. There is both white, red, blue and a specially adapted warm white. This color combination ensures a very high color fastness and plenty of light in the red spectrum. With the combination of the blue and red light, the amount of yellow and orange light is reduced. This color reduction suppresses the experience of yellow water in the aquarium.