This LED AQUASTABLE LUMAX CONTROLLER is used to adjust the amount of light in your aquarium. With the controller, you can simulate sunrise and sunset, moonlight and cloud formations in the aquarium, so that your fish and plants get a lighting environment that is as close as possible to the natural environment they originally come from.

The controller can be set with times, so that the light is regulated completely automatically and you don't have to think about turning the light on and off in the aquarium.

LED Controller for LUMAX only fits together with LUMAX LED rails. The controller can control up to 2 rails. It is important that you choose the right power supply. If 2 x 45 watt LED rails are to be connected, the power supply must be at least 96 watts

There are the following five possible programs:

1. Sunrise and sunset. The fixture is completely switched off at night. Sunrise and sunset last approx. 30 minutes.

2. Turn clock on/off. There is no sunrise or sunset, or clouds and moonlight.

3. Sunrise and sunset, moonlight at night and cloud simulation during the day.

4. Sunrise and sunset with cloud simulation during the day. Turned off at night.

5. Sunrise and sunset and moonlight at night.


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Model: WSHOP-4044
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