Aquarium plant grown from tissue culture in sealed beaker.

The South American Limnobium laevigatum is a decorative floating plant. The height is 1-5 cm and each plant can be 5-15 cm in diameter. The nice long and decorative roots provide security for gouramies and other fish that like to move around in the roots of the floating plants. Many fish also like to lay their eggs in the dense roots.

Limnobium can help limit algae growth by shading parts of the aquarium and using nutrients in the water. If there are sufficient nutrients in the water and the light is good, the plant will quickly spread by shoots. It is therefore regularly necessary to thin out so that the aquarium's other plants are not shaded too strongly. When the amount of fertilizer in the water decreases, the plant spreads more slowly and the growth rate is therefore a good indicator of whether there is sufficient fertilizer in the water.

1-2-Grow. Limnobium laevigatum (Floating plant) (SOLD OUT)

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Model: WSHOP-3142
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