Salvinia auriculata is a cosmopolitan floating fern of 1-3 cm height. It is fast growing when there are sufficient amounts of nutrients and light. If the leaves become pale and the growth slows down, this is a sign that the plant lacks nutrients. It is therefore an excellent indicator plant. The rapid growth can easily take the light from the bottom plants in the aquarium, which is why part of the plants must be removed regularly. The Salvinia species have small hairs on the leaves that make them water-repellent.
It can contribute to algae control by shading parts of the aquarium and by using the nutrients in the water. Under optimal growing conditions, the leaves can become larger. Decorative plant for open aquariums.
It is very difficult to distinguish between the species and this one was previously called Salvinia natans.

1-2-Grow. Salvinia auriculata (Floating plant)

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Model: WSHOP-3138
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