The stem plant Staurogyne repens is a fresh green, compact and strong plant for the foreground of the aquarium. It originates from the Rio Cristalino in the southern Amazon in Brazil.
Its closest relative in aquariums is Hygrophila, but Staurogyne differs markedly with its compact, low and wide growth form and smaller leaves. The individual stem will be 5-10 cm high and 3-4 cm wide.
When planting, the longest shoots of the plant are cut. These can be replanted and will quickly form new roots and grow further. In the aquarium, Staurogyne develops lots of new horizontal shoots from the base of the plant, which creep across the bottom of the aquarium. It may be necessary to cut the longest, erect shoots to maintain the low, compact growth. If light conditions are too low, the shoots will generally grow more upright and the plant will form significantly fewer side shoots.

1-2-Grow. Staurogyne repens

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Model: WSHOP-4343
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