Optiwhite glass is a glass that is incredibly clear compared to traditional aquarium glass, which can usually have a greenish tint to it.

The aquariums from the HighLine collection are a stylish highlight in every living room. Flush design configurable in five different sizes and three colors with high quality LED lighting settings. They have impressive hidden technology, a lot of storage space and make it convenient to take care of the inhabitants of the aquarium.

Oase aquariums are only available for collection in the store in Søborg.

Call and hear about the options for delivery in Greater Copenhagen!

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191,20 DKK
239,00 DKK
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Model: SKU 86946
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You save: 79,80 DKK
Model: WSHOP-4595
20% Off
319,20 DKK
399,00 DKK
You save: 79,80 DKK
Model: SKU 86947
Model: WSHOP-4207
Model: WSHOP-4208
Model: WSHOP-4209
Model: WSHOP-4211
Model: WSHOP-4212
Model: WSHOP-4213
Model: WSHOP-4214
Model: WSHOP-4215
Model: WSHOP-4216
Model: WSHOP-4217
Model: WSHOP-4218
Model: WSHOP-4220
Model: WSHOP-4221
Model: WSHOP-4222
Model: WSHOP-4223
Model: WSHOP-4224
Model: WSHOP-4225
Model: WSHOP-4226
Model: WSHOP-4227
Model: WSHOP-4228
Model: WSHOP-4229
Model: WSHOP-4230
Model: WSHOP-4289
Model: WSHOP-5611
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