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JBL ProClean BAC 50ml immediately activates new filter media and promotes the filtration performance in your aquarium.
Live bacteria that break down ammonium, nitrite and nitrate in your aquarium.
Provides a clean aquarium.
Use: Shake the bottle thoroughly, open and pour the entire contents into the aquarium.
Ideal for freshwater aquariums 60-200 litres.
Always use after: Water change, filter cleaning, medication and arrival of new fish.
Indispensable in newly started aquariums.

Breaks down ammonium and nitrite.
Creates surface in the aquarium.
Then waste materials have a place to attach, and can thus be broken down more easily.

Supports the filter and reduces "sludge" on the bottom of the aquarium.

Content: 50 ml concentrated content of live bacteria for freshwater aquariums.
Ranges from 60-200 l.
Use each time after:
Water change
Filter cleaning
Delivery of medicine or similar
Supply of new fish

JBL ProClean BAC 50ml

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