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LENGTH 28.1 CM | WIDTH 26.2 CM


Extra large cat flap that opens by reading the pet's microchip.
This cat litter is large enough to fit a small dog or large cat.

The SureFlap cat flap recognizes the ID chip that you code it to recognize. In this way, you avoid being visited by strange animals and your home becomes a safe environment for your pet. If your cat or dog is not chipped, you can buy an RFID chip that can be inserted into the animal's collar. An RFID chip is included with this cat limb. SUREFLAPS microchip cat collar can remember up to 32 different ID numbers.

To keep the cat inside at night, this cat door also has a locking function, so it can be programmed to unlock and enter at certain times.

The cat door can be installed in doors, glass and walls. When installing in glass, we recommend using a mounting plate in the size that fits the cat's limb. If the cat's limb is to be mounted in a door with metal, there must be at least 2 cm from the tunnel element to the metal in the door. Here, a mounting plate can also be beneficial to use, in order to increase the mounting hole.

Around the entrance area, there is an integrated sealing strip which protects against drafts.

The SUREFLAP cat door is battery operated. It uses 4 x C batteries (not included with purchase).

Technical specifications:

  • Dimensions of the cutout (L x H): 207 x 234 mm
  • Dimensions of the door opening (L x H): 178 x 170 mm
  • Outer dimensions of frame (L x H): 262 x 281 mm
  • Thickness of tunnel: 70 mm. Additional tunnel elements can be purchased.


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1.399,00 DKK
You save: 150,00 DKK
Model: WSHOP-2261
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