LIGHTWEIGHT MINI TRIMMER The Moser Profiline ChroMini Pro 1591 is a professional precision trimmer that is perfect for trimming the hairline. The lightweight trimmer has an ergonomic design and weighs only 130 g, which makes it easy to handle and use. ChroMini Pro 1591 Trimmer can be used for edge or precision trimming ChroMini Pro 1591 Trimmer is equipped with stainless steel blades with a width of 32 mm, which can be easily removed for quick cleaning. The trimmer is quiet and has a powerful, environmentally friendly battery that only needs to be charged for 2 hours, after which it has an operating time of approx. 100 minutes. The ChroMini Pro 1591 trims the hair to a length of 0.4 mm, but with the supplied distance comb of 3-6 mm it is possible to vary the cutting length. The package also contains a practical charging station as well as a cleaning brush and lubricating oil for maintenance. THE OPTIMAL EDGE TRIMMER If you want a nice trim where the hair edge is razor sharp, the ChroMini Pro 1591 from Moser is the perfect trimmer for you. The light and compact trimmer gives you ample opportunity to straighten hair edges. Apply the spacer comb if desired and trim the hairline with ChroMini Pro 1591 from Moser. Afterwards, the trimmer is opened and the hairs are brushed from the machine and the trimmer head with the cleaning brush. Remove the trimmer head and drip some lubricating oil on the blade for maintenance. Put the trimmer head back on the machine and turn on the machine for a short time to distribute the oil. Put the trimmer in the charging station. We recommend that you lubricate the blade thoroughly before and after use with the supplied lubricating oil. Turn the machine on briefly to distribute the oil. Moser ChroMini Pro 1591 is not suitable for beard trimming.


Super trimmer for trimming around eyes, paws etc.

Moser ChroMini Pro 1591 Trimmer (SOLD OUT)

999,00 DKK
Model: 642.0062
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