Give your dog peaceful dreams with the right dog bed. When choosing a dog bed, keep in mind that your dog's bed is so much more than just its place to sleep. Your dog's bed should be the place where he feels most safe and the place he goes to when he needs to be alone. In addition, it is often a good idea to buy the dog bed in a size larger than planned, as this way you ensure that there is enough space in the dog bed for your dog to stretch out while also preventing your dog from growing. out of bed immediately.

With a Calming dog bed, your dog will be in 7th heaven. Fluffy dog bed is soft and plush for extra security. The Calming dog bed is therefore particularly suitable if you have a dog that may seem uneasy or nervous.

FLUFFY Donut dog bed 90cm - Grey

439,00 DKK
Model: 16355
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Vi får en masse vare hjem i kasser, som vi mener kan bruges igen! Det nemlig bedst for miljøet...