It goes without saying that you want to keep your dog in good shape and that you want the best for it. But no two dogs are alike.
ARION Care is a food series made in collaboration with vets for dogs with special needs and which at the same time focuses on taste and digestibility.

The ARION Care products have been developed with a focus on health issues, which via the composition target/help the dog's body to improve the issues itself. Each product is made to solve one problem

ARION Care helps the dog if it suffers from allergies, a sensitive stomach, joint and mobility problems or if it tends to be overweight.

Based on clinical documentation, ARION Care is developed from carefully selected high-quality ingredients and functional additives with a focus on taste and digestibility.
ARION Care products strengthen the dog from the inside. All varieties are enriched with both pre- and probiotics, which ensure a healthy intestinal flora and thus a correct utilization of all the important and healthy nutrients.

ARION Care contains a broad-spectrum addition of prebiotics – MOS, FOS, GOS, Beta-glucans and collagen. As well as a concentrated content of probiotics, as many as 1,000,000,000 per kg feed.

ARION Care attacks the issues from three angles
  • Active additives, oils and fatty acids.
  • Ensures that the dog absorbs the active substances best
  • Stimulates the dog's own immune system

All this in turn helps to ensure a better utilization of the feed and the active substances it contains.

Zinc, biotin and essential amino acids in combination with fish oils and important fatty acids ensure a healthy and shiny coat.

ARION Care is available in the following variants.

  • Care Digestiion – digestive problems
  • Care Hypoallergenic – skin & fur
  • Care Joint - joint & mobility problems
  • Care Weight – tendency to be overweight

By using ARION Care, the dog owner can meet the dog's special needs and thereby ensure a positive influence on the dog's quality of life. The unique composition and the health-promoting ingredients in the ARION Care products actually make a difference. By daily feeding with these products, you can see noticeable improvements in the dog.
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