• Arion Original Puppy Large Breed puppy food has added salmon and rice. Arion's complete food for puppies is recommended for puppies in the large breed, as this food has been specially developed to meet the nutritional needs of puppies of this size.

    Example of large breeds: Labrador Retriever, Golden Retriever, Border Collie, Siberian Husky, Dalmatian, Boxer, Rottweiler, German Shepherd, Chow Chow.

    Added fish oil and omega-3
    A puppy's brain consists primarily of fat and the most important fatty acid is DHA - which is also called the omega-3 fatty acid. During the puppy's growing age, the brain changes a little bit every day, as the puppy learns new things every day and thereby the brain develops.
    A DHA fatty acid provides a signal between the nerve cells of the puppy's brain. A strong signal can stimulate and develop their brains optimally. For the same reason, Arion's puppy food is enriched with DHA, so that the food can support the puppy's learning curve. The success rate during your dog training with obedience exercises increases if you provide stimulation for the puppy at the same time.
    Gluten-free puppy food
    More and more vets recommend a puppy food without grains or gluten. If your puppy shows signs of dry or sensitive skin, a gluten-free diet may be ideal, as many dogs cannot tolerate gluten. A clear sign can be an upset stomach and thin stools, which are the consequence of hypersensitivity. Gluten can damage the lining of the small intestine, resulting in reduced absorption of the most important vitamins, minerals and energy.

    Arion Originals puppy food is instead developed with rice, rather than grains from wheat, rye, barley or oats, which are a main ingredient in traditional dog food on the market. Arion Original Puppy Large Breed puppy food contains nutritious salmon and a healthier alternative to grains in the form of rice. Rice also ensures a full puppy stomach for a longer time.

    Strengthens the puppy's growth
    Arion enriches their puppy food with health-promoting salmon (omega-3 and DHA). Puppies in the large breed get their learning curve stimulated in the best possible way with this food. Omega-3 contributes to healthy development in the brain and the ability to learn while growing up is increased by the omega-3 fatty acid in fish oil. For stable bone growth, Arion has added a high content of calcium, phosphorus, copper and manganese to Arion Original Puppy Large Breed puppy food with salmon and rice.

    Puppies younger than 1 year have an exposed immune system, with a lack of resistance. In order to meet healthy health, Arion has added, among other things, Vitamin E and C as well as the antioxidants beta-carotene and natural citrus. Everything contributes to the puppy's optimal growth.
    The puppy's first year of life
    At Zoopet.dk we call it puppy food, but perhaps it should be called growth food. A small puppy develops as much as a baby in its first 12 months. Here on the website, you can buy a nutritious growth food for your growing puppy. The content of nutrients, the inherited genes, the amount of exercise and the hormonal balance are important when choosing feed. A healthy and healthy dog mother and dog father create the best conditions for a long and healthy dog life, but optimal nutrition contributes a lot.

    Key benefits:

    • Gluten-free complete food for growing puppies
    • Salmon and fish oil (omega-3) support brain development and learning ability in puppies
    • Glucosamine, chondroitin, calcium, phosphorus, manganese and copper ensure strong bones and healthy joints
    • Zinc and biotin create the perfect foundation to promote optimal skin and coat health
    • The natural fibers FOS and MOS create a balanced intestinal flora and optimal digestion

    Arion Original Puppy Large Breed with salmon is a 100% natural complete food, without artificial flavors and colors and preservatives.

Arion Puppy Large Breed – Salmon & Rice 12 kg

579,00 DKK
Model: WSHOP-1340
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