Mælson Dry Box 15 kg for dry food is among the best on the market. Practical for households that need to store dry food for dogs or cats. The box is airtight and ensures that the dry food stays fresh and dry.

Dry Box is a product that is not only beautiful, but also well thought out. It is made of robust and unbreakable material, which is also incredibly light. Although it is filled up, it is easy to carry. Thanks to a special seal in the lid of Dry Box 7.5kg/15kg/20kg, the boxes are airtight. In addition to keeping the food fresh and full of nutrients, it prevents pests from getting into the feed.

Under the lid, there is a holder for the included measuring spoon (350 ml), which makes it easy to dose dog food or cat food.

Mælson Dry Box 15 kg

Dimensions (L x W x H): 41 x 25 x 56 cm

Weight: 1.6 kg

Can contain up to 15 kg of dry food

Mælson Feed box 15 kg

349,00 DKK
Model: 12515
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