Feed'it & Treat Single Protein Beef 400g

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Complete food in the form of a delicious sausage, so delicious that it can also be ideal for treats

Feedit & Treat are steamed gluten-free meat sausages, which are a healthy alternative to frozen fresh sausages.
The meat sausages are a complete complete food and contain all the essential daily nutrients, building blocks, vitamins and minerals a dog needs.
The snack sausages are also particularly suitable as treats, cut the sausage into smaller pieces and use them as a reward when you e.g. is for dog training.
The dogs love these sausages and they are easy for the dog to get as a reward during its training.
The snack sausages are easy to cut out, do not crumble and do not have jelly around the edges.
The steamed meat sausages are not only healthy, but also irresistibly delicious. This is because our sausages are 100% natural and made from fresh, high-quality ingredients.
Shelf life: The steamed sausages can be stored outside the refrigerator for 18 months.
After opening, the sausages keep for approximately 2-3 days in the refrigerator.
100% Natural
Gluten free

Supplemental food for dogs
Ingredients: Beef 95% (20% bones, 20% organs, 60% muscle meat), rice 4%, vitamins and minerals 1%

Analysis: Water 64.7%, Protein 17.9%, Fat 8.2%, Fiber 1.8%, Ash 1.6%, Calcium 1%, Phosphorus 0.6%, Sodium 0.2%

Nutritional additives /kg
Vitamin A (Retinyl acetate) IE 5000
Vitamin D3 (cholecalciferol) IU 500
Iron (ferrous sulfate monohydrate) mg 25
Copper (copper sulfate pentahydrate) mg 2.5
Zinc (zinc/sulphate monohydrate) mg 50
Manganese (manganese lloxide) mg 5
Iodine (Calcium iodate) mg 0.75
Selenium (sodium selenite) mg 0.075

Feed recommendation:
<5kg 150-200g/pr. day
5-10kg 200-300g/pr. day
10-15kg 300-400g/pr. day
15-20kg 400-500g/pr. day
20-30kg 500-700g/pr. day
30-50kg 700-1000g/pr. day