Royal Canin Dog food Mini Light 3 kg

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Royal Canin Mini Light Weight Care is a complete complete food for adult and mature dogs of small breeds over 10 months and with an adult weight of up to 10 kg: Used for dogs with a tendency to be overweight. Overfeeding with protein and fat nowadays not infrequently triggers many chronic diseases in our dogs – especially if they move too little! A balanced, not too heavy diet that suits the actual needs of the normally active dog can remedy this. This feed has a low fat content and a high protein content. Together with fiber-rich ingredients, it gives a longer feeling of satiety.

Royal Canin uses the designation Mini for dogs with an adult weight of between 1 and 10 kg.
Every little dog is unique - respect their differences - such as age, sensitive areas, lifestyle. Since all small dogs are different, the Mini Size Health Nutrition program offers nutritional solutions specially formulated to exactly meet the individual dog's needs.

With a high protein and low fat content, this food helps to reduce your dog's energy intake by 18%, while giving it the same amount of food. Helps to reach the ideal weight by combining a high protein content (30%) with a low fat content (11%) and L-carnitine to help promote fat burning while maintaining muscle mass. Enriched recipe with fibre, which helps to reduce the feeling of hunger between meals, while also satisfying the dog's appetite.

Small dog breeds are often picky about their food intake. Royal Canin Mini Light Weight Care whets the appetite of picky dogs. The feed pellet has a special consistency, shape and size, selected nutrients, selected natural aromas and perfect preservation. At the same time, the formation of tartar is slowed down thanks to lime binders. Contains valuable fatty acids, which promote a beautiful, shiny coat and a healthy and supple skin.

Important benefits

    • Low fat content
    • High protein content
    • Great palatability - even for the picky little dog
    • Contributes to maintaining the ideal weight
    • Good oral hygiene
    • Healthy skin and shiny coat
    • L-carnitine for healthy heart function

Royal Canin Mini Light Weight Care provides the right nutrition and maintains your dog's general health and well-being.