JUWEL has created this beautiful aquarium, which is filled with advanced, high-quality technology. The curved front helps to highlight the depth of the fantastic underwater world.

The aquarium has energy-saving LED lights, which use 50% less energy than ordinary T5 fluorescent tubes.
JUWEL Vision 260 is supplied with a Multilux fixture, which provides the best light for both fish and ensures plant growth, and the combination of light highlights the colors in your aquarium.

If you want dimmable light, it is easy to replace the fixture with the dimmable LED model, JUWEL Helialux 1200.
The internal filter has a large volume and works according to the double flow principle. The filter, which is driven by a powerful but quiet pump, is built discreetly at the back in a corner inside the aquarium. The heater is inserted into the filter housing and can easily be regulated to the desired temperature.

JUWEL Vision is suitable as a freshwater or saltwater aquarium.
This aquarium fits perfectly to the aquarium table JUWEL Vision SBX 260, so that the curved facade of the aquarium is flush with the front of the aquarium cabinet.

The Vision 260 LED aquarium comes with the following equipment:

  • Light: MultiLux 120 with LED fluorescent tube, 1047 mm (1 x 29 watt DAY and 1 x 29 watt NATURE). Fluorescent tubes are included.
  • Filter: Bioflow L, 6 litres, 8 Watt. The filter comes equipped with filter media (fine filter cotton, carbon filter, anti-nitrate, coarse filter sponge, 2 x fine filter sponges).
  • Pump: Eccoflow 1000. Performance 1000 liters per hour. Cable length: 238 cm
  • Heater: AquaHeat 300 watts. Adjustable between 20-30 degrees

Technical data:
Dimensions (L x W x H): 121 x 46 x 64 cm
Content: approx. 260 L
Weight: 55 kg


4.399,00 DKK
Model: WSHOP-4021-V4
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