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The Akvastabil FUSION aquarium is the affordable alternative to the Akvastabil MOVE aquarium. FUSION has many of the same good properties as MOVE, but stands out a little by being slightly lower, not having holes in the bottom and having different glass thicknesses. In contrast to the lid on the MOVE aquariums, FUSION's lid is 3-part, but despite that still easy to open and remove completely if desired. The removable cross braces mean that you have easy and unhindered access to the aquarium when you need to furnish and/or decorate it. The easy access also allows you to place various light units exactly as suits you and your aquarium. As lighting for the FUSION aquarium, you can use LEDs and/or T5, and you can adjust the number of light units yourself, as the aquarium is very spacious and therefore has room for many light units, so that even the most light-demanding corals and plants get enough light.
You will find an entrance for hoses and wires at the back of the aquarium, and here there is plenty of room for even the largest hoses. If you choose to use internal pumps, it is not necessary to have such a large opening, so you can therefore close it with the supplied lid. The two largest FUSION aquariums are equipped with 2 openings, as this gives you the opportunity to introduce hoses at both ends of the aquarium.
The FUSION aquarium is equipped with 2 smart feeding covers, which make it super easy for you to feed your fish. The covers can be easily disassembled, and if you want to use an automatic feeder, the holes can also be used for that without any problem.
The 12 cm wide aluminum profile with white composite plates on both sides forms the lid of these FUSION aquariums. The lid can be opened both in front and behind, as the aluminum profile functions as a double-sided hinge. The entire top can be lifted off without any problems and create unobstructed access to the aquarium, as neither the aluminum profile nor the lid is attached.
The top frame of the FUSION aquarium is newly developed and is a completely closed and smooth aluminum profile without crevices and edges in which water can lie. This means that the frame is incredibly easy to clean and that it gives an aesthetic and very nice appearance, even when the lid is completely open.