NEW IO diffuser - acrylic series - tank CO2 Diffuser

The world's finest resolution speed with an easily replaceable ceramic membrane . The robust acrylic body protects against cracks and damage.

In two different sizes;

  • Small for aquariums under 150 litres
  • Great for aquariums above 150L

Fantastic CO2 resolution thanks to the new nano co2 mist technology membrane, easy maintenance and durable materials make the IO Diffuser a perfect choice for both beginners and expert aquascaters. Designed to be used as a regular glass CO2 atomizer diffuser, but offers higher CO2 dissolution rates.

An IO diffuser optimizes CO2 entering the aquarium for efficient plant absorption and less waste. As the CO2 bubbles pass through the porous diffuser, they are diffused into streams of small bubbles. With increased surface area, the small CO2 bubbles dissolve easily in the water and increase the saturation of CO2 in the aquarium ecosystem.

Using a diffuser

    To use this CO2 atomizer diffuser, simply connect your CO2 hose to the diffuser.
    It is recommended that you set the pressure on your regulator to a minimum of 2 bar as a starting point. Let the diffuser soak in the aquarium water for at least 2 hours before pressurizing the diffuser.

    Please note! Initially, the diffuser will produce large bubbles around the ring. During the first 24 hours of use, all ceramic pores fill with water and the bubble size decreases to the optimal size.

    Please wait a few minutes for sufficient pressure to build up to allow the CO2 to begin passing through; it cannot begin immediately.

    Co2Art IO diffuser - acrylic - tank CO2 Diffuser for over 150L

    169,00 DKK
    Model: CA-IOD-AS-L
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