Specialized Nutrition from tropica with nitrogen and phosphorus for aquariums with few fish and many plants!

  • Contains nitrogen and phosphorus for fast-growing and nutrient-demanding plants
  • Also contains iron, manganese and important micro-nutrients
  • Is suitable for aquariums with many and fast-growing plants

Properties and application in use of the product

Specialized Nutrition is dosed every week in connection with water changes. Precise dosing is made easy using the pump bottle, where one press of the pump doses 2 ml of fertilizer. We recommend 6 ml to 50 L of water per week, but it is advisable to assess the needs of the plants. In addition to micronutrients, Specialized Nutrition contains all the necessary macronutrients. The fertilizer can be used in situations where the whole plant shows a nutrient deficiency. Note that if there is incipient algae growth, the algae growth can worsen when the fertilizer is added.

Since Specialized Nutrition contains nitrogen and phosphorus, the dosage must be adapted to the plants' uptake so that unwanted algae growth in the water is avoided. If there are signs of algae growth, the dosage is reduced by 50%, and the water is changed more frequently than usual, for example up to 50% per week. The water change is not only for diluting the nutrient content in the water, but also helps to remove algae spores, residues and other accumulated elements from the aquarium water.

(The pump is on the 2 small bottles, not the 5 liter can)

Specialized Nutrition 5 liters - Tropica fertiliser

520,00 DKK
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