Have you tried using tweezers when implanting?
It's easier, and you avoid the plants floating to the surface when the water is added.


  • Makes it easy to plant in both new and established aquariums
  • Stainless steel in the best quality
  • Both for planting very small ground-covering plants and for larger plants
  • Also suitable for placing fertilizer capsules in the bottom layer

Properties and application in use of the product

We have all tried it when setting up a new aquarium! The plants float to the surface when the water is poured on - or the neighboring plant is uprooted when a new plant is placed. It doesn't have to be that way. Use Tropica's plant tweezers when placing your plants in the bottom layer, whether it is a new installation or maintenance of an established aquarium.

Grasp the plant with the tweezers well below the root and pull the plant down into the gravel until it sits exactly where you want it. Carefully release the grip and pull up the tweezers.

Try it the next time you plant a new plant. The tweezers are also indispensable when you have cut the top shoots of stem plants and want to replant them next to the old stems.

Tropica Tweezers for aquascaping

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Model: WSHOP-2843
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