By: Oase

BioMaster Thermo 600

With EasyClean pre-filter chamber for extremely simple filter cleaning and top comfort.
BioMaster Thermo with integrated HeatUp-adjustable water heater, which ensures an undisturbed view of the underwater world without visible technology, optimal temperature level.
Perfect water quality thanks to the high filter volume consisting of Hel-X and filter sponges.

Product info:

Safe: Disconnection mechanism and safety lock prevent unwanted water leakage, e.g. when you remove the pre-filter module.
EasyClean pre-filter module - you simply remove the pre-filter module, rinse or replace, practical when changing water, where extra dirt can appear in the water.

Practical: Vent button for efficient water suction to quickly get started during installation and after cleaning.

Optimal filtration: Fine 45 ppi pre-filter sponge to optimize mechanical filtration of coarse dirt and extend the life of biological media.

Well regulated: Control the flow on the filter or via the adapter.

High filter volume: The combination of mechanical and highly effective biological filtration with Hel-X ensures healthy and clear aquarium water.

Economical: Quiet and energy-efficient pump without disturbing noise!

Flow rate: 1100 liters / hour. Best for aquariums up to 600 litres.

Size: 240x240x480 mm.

Enjoy :-)

Oase BioMaster Thermo 600

2.449,00 DKK
Model: WSHOP-2822
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