JBL KH Test.

The JBL KH test ensures a quick and easy measurement of the KH value of aquarium water. The KH test kit is easy to read by means of a color change.

1 drop = 1 ° KH (GKH).
Color change from blue to yellow.
Can be used for both fresh and salt water.

The JBL ProAqua Test KH is an easy-to-use rapid test for determining the carbonate hardness or antacid capacity of salt water and fresh water. This corresponds to 1 drop = 1 °dKH.

Why test? Depending on its origin, and often due to the nature of the subsoil, water can contain different amounts of different mineral salts. Most of the salts dissolved in it are alkaline earths and alkaline hydrogen carbonates. Together with carbonates and carbon dioxide (CO2), hydrogen carbonates form an important buffer system that prevents dangerously high pH fluctuations in water. The measured carbonate hardness (KH) gives the total concentration of hydrogen carbonate in the water and can therefore in rare cases (when alkaline hydrogen carbonates are mainly present, e.g. in East African lakes) be higher than the general hardness, which only takes alkaline earth salts into account. Most freshwater fish and plants in the aquarium can be kept with a carbonate hardness of around 5-16 °dH. However, for optimal CO2 fertilisation, the carbonate hardness should not be below 5 °dH

JBL ProAqua Test - KH (carbonate hardness)

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Model: WSHOP-5540
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