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Means for the preparation of tap water. Prepares tap water for fish-friendly and natural aquarium water with BioExtract formula that provides healthy and clear water.

The new formula promotes healthy water and healthy fish using a unique blend of natural biopolymers and trace elements.

Substances harmful to fish in waterworks water are neutralized immediately. chlorine is eliminated and heavy metals such as copper, zinc and lead are completely and permanently bound.

Vital substances found in natural environments are added: iodine to make the fish more vital, magnesium to promote their growth and well-being, vitamin B with stress.

Gills and mucous skin are effectively protected by caring colloids that can be felt.

With BioExtract formula: natural biopolymers support the beneficial bacterial growth which provides healthy and clear water.

Use: every time part of the water is replaced with water from the tap, during transport of the fish, in connection with quarantine treatment.

Regenerates the fish after treatment with disease

The ideal combination product for aquaSafe is Easybalance, which you can use to stabilize your water values and thus reduce the number of water changes.