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If you are lucky enough to share your home with more than one cat, Ever Clean's Multiple Cat fights odors extra effectively in frequently used litter boxes.

  • Packed with additional odor eliminators to handle frequently used litter boxes in homes with multiple cats.
  • When you want constant freshness, Ever Clean eliminates urine, faeces and ammonia smells.
  • Our unique activated carbon technology captures and retains odors and removes bad odors rather than just masking them.
  • Paw-activated scent technology releases fresh scent as needed when the litter box is in use.
  1. Fill the litter box with 7 cm of Ever Clean. An average litter box requires approx. 5L.
  2. Shovel up any clumps so the rest of the gravel stays fresh.
  3. Dispose of the waste with household waste. Do not flush cat litter down the toilet.
  4. Simply add more Ever Clean to replace the gravel you have removed.

Ever Clean - Multiple Cat 10 L

149,00 DKK
165,00 DKK
You save: 16,00 DKK
Model: K50010
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