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Introducing Kong Crackle's Winkz Cat, the ultimate cat toy to entertain and delight your cat. With its innovative design and crackling sounds, this toy will keep your cat engaged and active for hours.

Kong Crackle's Winkz Cat is carefully crafted to accommodate the cat's natural hunting instincts. The toy has a soft plush ball that is perfect for the cat to attack, throw around and catch. But it doesn't stop there! The toy is also equipped with crackling sounds that mimic the sounds of small prey animals, further arousing your cat's curiosity and hunting instinct.

The interactive play with Kong Crackle's Winkz Cat not only stimulates your cat's physical abilities, but also its mental acuity. Your cat is challenged to use its senses and reflexes to catch and handle the toy. This helps improve the cat's coordination, concentration and motor skills.

Kong Crackles Winkz Cat is made from durable and safe high-quality materials. It is designed to withstand the claws and teeth of even the most playful cats, so it can last for longer play sessions. The play toy is also easy to clean, which ensures a hygienic and healthy play experience for your cat.

With Kong Crackles Winkz Cat you can create a fun and interactive play experience with your cat. Throw the ball, let it crackle, and watch your cat jump, jump and chase it with joy. It is also an ideal toy to provide your cat with mental and physical stimulation when you are not at home.

Treat your cat to Kong Crackle's Winkz Cat and watch it thrive with hours of fun and play. Explore the cat's natural hunting instincts and create a stronger connection between you and your beloved cat. Choose the Kong Crackles Winkz Cat and give your cat an interactive toy experience that will keep them entertained and happy.

Kong Crackles Winkz Cat 9x4x9 Cm

49,00 DKK
Model: 788.0006
By: kong
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