Nina Ottosson Buggin Out stimulates the cat's natural hunting instinct. The cat "hunts" for its reward by shooting at the blocks and lighting the black seed pieces to find the hidden treats. Developed especially for cats with their natural movements and instincts in mind and made in a good shape to benefit the cat.

Let your cat discover the 6 snack holes and move the 6 snack blocks inside to drop the snack into the recesses. The slope of the game adds to the challenge. Adjust the level of difficulty as your cat learns what the cat needs to do. For starters - put snacks in the recesses and push the black "seed" pieces to the side so it's easier to find candy. Increase the difficulty by covering the depressions with black “seed” pieces, and also place snacks inside the blocks so that the cat has to work to push these over the depressions and back to access the snacks. Show your cat how the game works and encourage them to find the reward.

Nina Ottosson Activity toy Buggin Out

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Model: WSHOP-5348
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