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Some cats spend more time indoors than they do outdoors. Their daily diet must therefore ensure that they get all the necessary nutrients they need to stay healthy and fit. Since their daily activity level is also moderate, unfortunately they also tend to gain a little too much weight. Since these cats spend most of their time indoors, they also spend more time grooming their fur regularly. Unfortunately, this also means that the risk of forming hairballs increases accordingly.

Royal Canin Fit 32 is a complete and balanced complete food for adult cats with a moderate activity level as mentioned above. Royal Canin Fit 32 has a moderate calorie content, which is perfectly adapted to the indoor cat's lower activity level. The cat food contains a combination of non-fermentable fibers and beet pulp, which stimulate the passage of the hairball through the intestine. Royal Canin Fit 32 also contains a mix of selected minerals which contribute to healthy urinary tracts in adult indoor cats. The cat food contains omega-3 fatty acids from fish, which keep the skin and coat healthy, while also having a positive effect on your cat's vision, joints, heart and kidneys.

Important benefits

  • Adapted to the nutritional needs of adult indoor cats.
  • Keeps the cat's weight stable.
  • Gives less trouble with hairballs.
  • Contributes to healthy urinary tract.
  • Ensures a healthy skin and coat.

Royal Canin Fit32 Adult food 10 kg

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