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Royal Canin Outdoor 10 kg

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Many cats want to go outside. Whether your cat is suitable as an outdoor cat or not, however, often depends on the breed. Cats with thick fur, such as Norwegian forest cats or Maine Coons, usually require to be allowed to run freely. Also, more active breeds, like Bengal cats, like to get outside and burn off some energy. Cats that move outside at least have their senses stimulated to a greater degree than indoor cats, since they have to relate to their surroundings in a completely different way.

Royal Canin Outdoor cat food is an excellent food for active adult outdoor cats with high energy consumption. Outdoor cats, for example, use a lot of energy to regulate their body temperature, hunt and mark their territory. In addition, outdoor cats have a greater risk of getting into fights with other animals and of getting infections and parasites than indoor cats, so their immune system must be in top form. With Royal Canin Outdoor cat food, your outdoor cat's nutritional needs are fully met. The cat food has a high energy content and is rich in antioxidants, which strengthen your outdoor cat's immune system. Royal Canin Outdoor cat food is a tasty cat food with poultry for outdoor cats, which can be given from the cat is 12 months old.

Important benefits

  • Complete food for adult outdoor cats
  • Primary animal protein is poultry
  • Fully covers the nutritional needs of outdoor cats
  • High energy content
  • Rich in antioxidants