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Royal Canin Sterilized 4 kg

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Royal Canin Sterilized 37 cat food is specially developed to meet the nutritional needs of cats that tend to gain weight after neutering.

Generally, cats can regulate their need for energy through the food themselves. As you know, cats are very independent animals, which are known for being able to quickly adapt to their surroundings. However, what happens when the cat is neutered is that it does not have this natural regulatory process. This causes the cat to eat much more than it actually needs, which in many cases leads to a little too much on the side legs. Studies show that the cat's natural energy consumption is reduced by around 30% after neutering, while its food intake is increased by 20%. In addition, the cat drinks less water after neutralization and therefore does not get rid of enough urine.

Royal Canin Sterilized 37 cat food ensures a controlled energy intake due to the low fat content of 12%. At the same time, there are fewer carbohydrates in this feed compared to others. Royal Canin Sterilized 37 cat food also contains L-carnitine, which promotes fat burning. The cat food also has a protein content of 37%, which helps the cat to maintain muscle mass.

Important benefits

  • For neutered cats
  • Has a high protein content
  • Chicken is the primary animal protein
  • Minimizes the risk of weight problems
  • Promotes healthy urinary tract.