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A cat that has not been neutered is used to an almost constant energy content and their metabolism is therefore adapted to the energy content of the diet. The cat thereby only eats the amount of food that covers the body's energy needs.

When the cat has been neutered, the cat's natural regulation of energy needs disappears and your cat will therefore eat more food than its body needs. This will eventually lead to obesity.

For the older cats, neutering can be more problematic, as they may have more health problems that also affect weight than if they were young. Older cats often suffer from a low energy level, so they move less and therefore burn less. They may also have problems with kidney function, which can also affect weight.

About 48 hours after your cat has been neutered, its nutritional intake will increase by about 20%. At the same time as it increases, the energy demand will decrease by approx. 30%

This food is therefore made for the older cat that has been neutered. With its reduced carbohydrate content, Royal Canin Sterilised 7+ ensures that the blood sugar is raised slightly, so that your cat will sense satiety more quickly. You could probably call it a kind of stumbling block.

The feed also helps to reduce urinary stones, as it helps to keep the urine PH-neutral. In this way, urinary stones do not have the right environment to be formed.

The feed has a high protein content, which helps the body to build and maintain muscles.

Key benefits:

  • Reduced carbohydrates
  • Reduces urinary stones and keeps the urinary tract healthy
  • High protein content that provides healthy muscles
  • Also helps keep the kidneys healthy with a very low phosphorus content: 0.79%
  • Contains a lot of necessary vitamins

Royal Canin Sterilized 7+ 10 kg

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