Coachi Tuggi Tug - The ultimate training toy for dog play and interaction

Introducing the Coachi Tuggi Tug, the perfect toy to strengthen the bond between you and your dog through interactive play and training. This innovative training toy is designed to meet your dog's natural training needs while giving you a fun and engaging way to interact with your four-legged friend.

Coachi Tuggi Tug is made of durable and hard-wearing materials that can withstand even the most intensive pulling and chewing activities. It is made to be robust and reliable, so you can enjoy play and training without worrying about the toy's durability. Whether your dog is an energy bomb or a more relaxed type, the Coachi Tuggi Tug will be their perfect training partner.

The unique tug style of the Coachi Tuggi Tug makes it extra exciting for your dog. It has a comfortable handle at one end that gives you a good grip and control during play. The other end is designed to give your dog a comfortable and safe surface to bite and pull on. This promotes healthy and fun pulling and chewing play that satisfies your dog's natural instincts.

The Coachi Tuggi Tug is also a great tool for training. You can use it to teach your dog commands like "hold on" and "let go" as well as improve their jaw and dental health. Training with Coachi Tuggi Tug can be a fun and rewarding experience for both you and your dog, while also strengthening the bond between you.

Whether you are playing in the garden, the park or at home, the Coachi Tuggi Tug will bring lots of joy and activity to your dog. It's easy to take with you, so you can enjoy training and play wherever you are. It is also suitable for different dog breeds and sizes, so everyone can join.

Invest in the Coachi Tuggi Tug and experience the fun and rewarding play and training with your dog. Create moments filled with laughter, activity and strengthened connection. With the Coachi Tuggi Tug, you will discover how much fun it can be to interact with your dog while fulfilling their natural exercise needs.

Coachi Tuggi Tug

189,00 DKK
Model: H41510
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