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Orbiloc Safety Light (Red)

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Red light is a universal signal for attention, and this color is therefore good to have in an emergency, to be able to signal distress.
Red has the longest wavelength, and is therefore the color that can be seen from the greatest distance compared to other colored lights.
The red color is gentle on the eye and therefore helps to preserve night vision.
Red light is a color that signals danger, and we know the red color from car tail lights, stop lights and bicycles.
Dog light Obiloc Dog Dual Safety Light, a safety light for you and your dog. Can be seen from up to 5 km away, so others can see you and your dog in time and react. The dog light is waterproof and very robust.
Orbiloc Dog Dual is a further development of the already popular Orbiloc Safety Light. A must for all dog owners who want their dog to be able to see in the dark!
There is a 3-year warranty and is 100% waterproof for up to 100 meters!
Light type: constant or flashing
Temperature range: From 50°C to -40°C

Size: 48x30x24mm with Rubber Strap, 45x44x26mm.
Weight: 19 grams.

Incl. 2 x CR2032 Lithium batteries.
Battery life: 250 hours with flashing, 100 hours with constant light.
Lens: Omni Directional optics. The light is spread at an angle of 270 degrees, so that the light can be seen in several directions.
The Orbiloc Safety Light uses 2 CR2032 batteries.
Can be easily and securely attached directly to the collar with the Orbiloc Buckle. When attaching to larger collars or collars that cannot be opened, the Orbiloc Rubber Strap can be used. The friction of the rubber means that the light does not slide on the collar and it is possible to attach the light to your line. The Orbiloc Dog Dual can also be attached with the Orbiloc Clip (optional accessory) separately). Orbiloc Clip fits most collars/harnesses and can also be attached to your jacket, vest etc.
Developed, designed and produced in Denmark.