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The DAP products can remedy:

• Restlessness and anxiety outdoors
• Getting used to new environments / new home
• Trouble finding rest
• Fear of sounds and fireworks (typical New Year's anxiety)
• Transport problems
• During the puppy's socialization period
• Puppy training
• Fear of veterinary visits

DAP (Dog Appeasing Pheromone) is similar to the bitch's natural calming pheromone, and works by removing or preventing fear or stress-related reactions in puppies and adult dogs. The stress-related reactions are typically seen as a desire to destroy, barking, uncleanliness in the house and problems with being alone at home.

Pheromone is a scent substance that all diurnal animals secrete to communicate wordlessly with their fellow species. By emitting a certain male pheromone, the individual influences the behavior of another individual of the same species. Pheromones should not be confused with hormones, which are substances produced within the body by an organ or tissue, and which, after transport via blood or lymph to another organ, trigger a specific reaction.

All diurnal animals emit a pheromone, in English called "appeasing pheromone" (in Danish, 'calming pheromone'), which conveys a feeling of security in the offspring. The dog's DAP pheromone is secreted by the bitch and provides security in the puppies. DAP pheromone affects the puppies so that they dare to investigate their surroundings, and practice a basic confidence in meeting new and strange things and situations. Studies show that even adult dogs are calmed by the pheromone DAP

Instructions for use:

The diffuser is plugged into the socket and emits pheromones at regular intervals into the room.

The dog's pheromones are species-specific, and have no effect on other animal species than dogs. DAP is not a drug. If you suspect illness, contact your veterinarian. There are several products within the DAP series:

A diffuser covers 50-70 m2 in approx. one month.

ADAPTIL diffuser w/bottle 48 ml for dog

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