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PlaqueOff Animal is an international patent-pending natural product for dogs and cats that counteracts tartar and plaque on the teeth, prevents bad breath and provides fresh gums. The active substance in PlaqueOff® Animal is a natural growth substance from sea algae.

When PlaqueOff is dissolved, it can be absorbed into the blood, and then a composition is added to the saliva that causes the tartar to break down, so that new plaques do not stick.

It is well known that the composition of saliva can help repel the bacteria that cause the formation of plaque and tartar.
Clinical studies on humans have shown that plaque has been reduced by up to 88% with Plaqueoff, and tartar has disappeared completely or has become very fragile and easy to remove. The studies that have been carried out show that the result is seen and felt already after 4 weeks, and that the result gets better by continuing to use it regularly.

Plaque Off powder against tartar 180g

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