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Statera Skin 'n' Coat Salmon oil is fish oil for your dog of very high quality.

This salmon oil is a very fresh and tasty oil that has a minimal smell. The oil is extracted by gentle cold pressing of leftovers after the production of salmon fillets, so that way the leftover product is used instead of being wasted. With this gentle treatment, vitamins and fatty acids are preserved, and you are therefore guaranteed a high-quality oil for your dog.

The salmon oil is particularly suitable for animals that have coat problems, such as dry fur or itching caused by dry skin. Statera Skin 'n' Coat Salmon oil consists only of natural ingredients and is produced from 100% fresh ingredients, which have a high content of all the healthy and necessary Omega-3 fatty acids. As you know, it is healthy for your pet to get omega-3 fatty acids through its diet.

Statera salmon oil - Skin and Coat 3000ml

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