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Kw Smart Filter Crusher

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Used to remove massive filters. Effective for neutered animals with fur changes.

Instructions: Removing dense tangles: Cut with short strokes into the tangled coat, rotating with the wrist. Never force the KW Smart Filter crusher through the fur, as this is not only uncomfortable for the animal, but also ineffective.

Removing filter knots: Hold the coat by the hair roots to avoid pulling the skin. Work from the outer ends of the hair towards the hair roots with short movements. Cut alternately with the KW Smart Filter crusher and brush with the KW Smart Flex carde to spare the coat as much as possible.

Tip: Spray KW Tanglefix on the filter before using the KW Smart Filter crusher. In this way, the knot is more easily untied.

To avoid filters and filter knots, the dog should be thoroughly brushed daily and bathed regularly with a KW shampoo, where the treatment ends with KW conditioner or KW fur treatment.

Note: Vulnerable areas and fine hair can be cut with advantage, as they are easily damaged. If your animal's fur is completely matted, it is recommended to seek professional help from a dog groomer.