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Most stomach problems in dogs and cats occur as a result of an imbalance in the intestinal flora. Stomax can remedy this.

Have you heard that fiber is good for digestion?

There are 3 reasons why the fibers in Stomax work:

1) The stool is normalized

The fibers absorb the excess moisture if the dog/cat has diarrhoea, and stimulate the movements in the intestine. At the same time, the toxins that form in the intestine when the dog/cat has an upset stomach are also helped to expel the faeces.

2) Stimulates the good bacteria in the gut

Stomax contains special fibers (inulin/oligofructose) that increase the absorption of minerals and nutrients and stimulate the growth of beneficial bacteria. The yeast fibers act as nourishment for the beneficial bacteria, while at the same time stimulating bowel movements.

3) Protects and supports

Stomax contains lecithin, which is a natural fatty acid that, together with fiber and water, forms a gel that protects the delicate lining of the intestine. Licitin is also important for the pancreas to function normally.

Stomax supports and protects the mucous membrane in the stomach and intestine and stimulates the good bacteria and microorganisms.

Stomax can be used for both dogs and cats.


PV 70 (potato fibres), yeast fibres, inulin/oligofructose, lecithin, methionine and B vitamins.



1½ g daily (½ measuring cup)


Small dog (0-10 kg): 2 grams per day
Medium dog (10-25 kg): 5 grams per day
Large dog (+25kg): 8 grams per day

The daily ration is divided into two meals.